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Re: Chicago

The New DePaul art museum

The handsome new building next to the Fullerton “L” stop is the new of home of the DePaul Art Museum, a $7.8 million, 15,200 square foot energy-efficient structure that offers exhibitions free to the public. The building has a partial green roof and other water-efficient features.

“Re: Chicago” is the opening exhibit, a wonderful collection of about 50 pieces of art that examines the careers and artistic reputations of Chicago artists for more than a century. The art was chosen by critics, artists and scholars in the Chicago art world who were asked to name a famous artist—or one who should be famous—that leads to often surprising results. Some of the artists’ work is recognizable, like Ivan Albright’s Self Portrait from 1934. Others are more obscure like Margaret Ianelli, a graphic designer from the early 20th century who was mentally ill. Chicago’s Hairy Who artists are prominent in the exhibition as well as artists such as Ellen Lanyon and Ralph Arnold and contemporary artists such as Suellen Rocco. There are stunning installations including one by Marie Krane Bergman & Cream Co. Short explanations are given by the nominators and visitors are also given the opportunity to express themselves on computers in the gallery.
A quirky aspect of the museum is a second-floor window that allows the museum to interact with commuters on the “L” through messages and artwork. The space also allows for class use, programs and other events, all consistent with DePaul’s commitment to the the direct interactions of artists and viewers in new and novel ways. Tours and a film festival will be held throughout the run of the show until  February 2012.

Published: October 01, 2011
Issue: November 2011 Issue