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MSG Propaganda Finds a Home at Forbes

The February 25 issue of Forbes magazine has an article titled “The MSG Cure.” Kunio Torii is a scientist at a Tokyo food company, Ajinomoto, that had sales of $980 million of MSG (monosodium glutamate) last year. Torii tells Forbes that he is “too busy trying to establish MSG’s ability to improve nutrition for hospital patients, the elderly, babies and the world’s hungry.”
Many may recognize MSG as the powdered food additive that gives some Asian restaurants a bad reputation because the additive causes migraine headaches. I know, first-hand.
Is there any place where we can drink water without MTBE, or meat, fish and vegetables without hormones, pesticides and other additives and poisons? I would hate be to be very sick and have my last meal laced with MSG. I’d rather leave this earth without a going-away migraine. The idea of charities and schools serving babies, the poor and sick with this additive is ludicrous.
But Forbes panders without shame. They end the article, “Maybe inserting glutamate into a head of broccoli would make kids think they were eating a cheeseburger. One can only hope.”
One can only hope that Forbes straightens up or folds up. This isn’t journalism. It’s propaganda.

Published: February 11, 2008