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War Propaganda

Have you seen the new commercials launched by “Freedom’s Watch?” A group of former White House aides and their backers started Freedom’s Watch to urge us to stay fighting in Iraq and “win” the war.

The commercials focus in on a wounded soldier urging us to keep U.S. forces in Iraq because he doesn’t want his and others’ sacrifices to have been in vain—as the flaming Twin Towers of 9/11 are shown in the background. This group has placed $15 million in television ads to be aired in 20 states. Missing in this advertising blitz is a dose of reality: Saddam had nothing to do with the tragedy of 9/11. The Saddam-9/11connection was but a fantasy of Bush and his cronies—an excuse to invade Iraq.

Freedom’s Watch, a nonprofit group, is not required to reveal its financial backers.

However long we remain in Iraq, the only real winners in this tragedy will be the war profiteers who are making out like bandits in Iraq.

Published: August 28, 2007