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Floor Trends 2011

    New technology, the environment and the economy are rapidly changing options in flooring from unused corks to scraped bamboo to gold. The World Floor Covering Association (WCFA) reported on trends from one of the top international trade shows, Surfaces, about some surprising new developments.
     Many of the replica floors look authentic. Extensive research and design coupled with precision technology has made it possible to create affordable new products that look like real leather, marble, ceramic, porcelain and cork.
    Green renewable choices are expanding. Renewable bamboo and cork were shown in brilliant hues of pinks, greens, blues and purples. Natural linoleum now comes with a protective no-wax topcoat and is simulating other surfaces like buttery leathers and worn concrete. Even synthetic carpets fibers are derived from corn sugar and made from recycle soda bottles and other recyclables.
     Floor surfaces are getting lighter. Casual, toned-down finishes like soft grays and whitewash were popular. Soothing shade of sand, camel and ivory with colors like driftwood, mineral and stream left espresso and dark hardwood looking passé.  The trend of hand scraped “worn” floors continues to grow.
     Oddly enough, shag carpeting continues to reinvent itself in “cut-off” rugs that have their surface texture sheared away. Persian and Oriental rugs are sheared down and custom dyed – with the most popular colors being bright fuchsia and chartreuse.
     While many prefer a more natural looking environment, there is a trend toward luxury and exotic adornment. Intricate and ornate mosaics with semi-precious stones and tiles adorned with 14K gold, tigers-eye, lapis and amethyst were featured. Gold leaf marble tiles debuted and for those with lighter portfolios, gold looks were seen in rugs and carpets in the form of tinsel fibers.

Published: April 10, 2011
Issue: 2011 Spring Issue